I. Public Awareness Raising

    CRIC contributes to cultural development through public awareness raising activities on copyright.

    • "COPYRIGHT" (CRIC's monthly journal)
      Since its first publication in 1961 a number of essays, lecture records, research outcomes, judicial precedents, latest news, Q&A series, etc. have been reported in this monthly journal, which is now highly appreciated as a must journal.
    • Leaflets
      A number of leaflets on various issues and topics are produced and distributed to educational institutions, prefectural/municipal bodies, public firms, etc. as well as anyone interested in copyright.(in Japanese only)
    • DVDs
      A series of DVDs learning materials are available to be lent for free for schools and other meetings to learn copyright. (in Japanese only)

    II. Information Services

    CRIC's information and counseling services are highly appreciated.

    • CRIC Library
      A number of Japanese and foreign books, theses, reports, governmental papers, etc. are available for CRIC members as well as the general public. (free of charge)
    • Counseling Services
      Experienced counselors are available on the phone for any problem of copyright. (free of charge)
    • Publications
      A variety of books ranging from introductory booklets for kids to academic and professional publications for specialized practitioners, researchers and lawyers are published.
    • Website on the Internet
      A wide range of latest information is provided by CRIC through the Internet by a homepage of the following:
      URL : (For Kids)

    III. Seminars & Training Programs

    CRIC organizes a number of seminars and training programs on timely topics.

    • Monthly Seminar for Experts
      A seminar is organized in Tokyo or Osaka every month, inviting an eminent researcher, practitioner, specialist, etc. as the speaker.
    • Training Programs
      Two training programs are provided every year: one for those seeking for an opportunity to learn copyright from the beginning and the other for those who need more detailed/specialized knowledge and skills.

    IIV. Research Activities

    CRIC is carrying out academic research activities on various copyright issues.

    • CRIC Copyright Research Institute
      CRIC established the CRIC Copyright Research Institute in 1999, collaborating with its members as well as relevant researchers, experts and governmental bodies, which is the one and only research institute in Japan specialized in copyright. A number of steering committees have been organized within the Institute for the research themes and their outcomes are published in the Institute's Proceedings.

    V. International Cooperation

    CRIC is playing a leading role in the copyright community in the Asian/Pacific region.

    • Translation Services
      CRIC translates and publishes copyright laws in other countries every year as its foreign copyright law series, and also translates such significant papers as WIPO Reports for the use of Japanese experts.
    • Overseas Information Activities
      CRIC has been making efforts to provide overseas copyright experts with information on the copyright systems in Japan through such activities as publication/distribution of materials in English language e.g. "Copyright Law of Japan" and "Copyright System in Japan".

    Past Activities

    • Tokyo Training Program
      CRIC implemented this international training program (Tokyo Training Program), which was a part of the Asia/Pacific Copyright Systems Enhancement Program (APACE Program) co-organized by the Japan Copyright Office (JCO) of the Japanese Government and the WIPO, inviting participants from Asia/Pacific countries every year to a two-week training program in Tokyo. This training program was contributing a lot to the development of copyright systems in the region.
    • Regional Seminars for Beginners
      Regional seminars for beginners were organized every year, which were open to the general public.

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